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Are you the father? Why not get the answers you need today with a home paternity test? Our paternity test is accurate, confidential and easy to carry out. Your results will be ready in just 7-10 working days. Our test uses comprehensive genetic markers to ensure 99.99% accuracy and assurance.

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Our test is as accurate as a DNA tests gets. We understand how important it is for you to have results which leave you with no lingering doubts. With EasyDNA’s home paternity test, you will have the answer you need. Results will show one of two possibilities; if the alleged, tested father is the biological father of the child or children tested, our results will show a probability of 99.99% or higher. If the tested, alleged father is not the biological father, our results will show a 0% probability of paternity. The price for the Home Paternity Test is  LKR35,900 .


We will work swiftly to ensure we provide you with your paternity test results in just 7-10 working days from the moment we get your samples. Clients can upgrade to our express service at any stage, even after they have received their kit or when samples have been received. If you wish to tighten turnaround times even further, we suggest you send off your samples using a courier service or registered post.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

We do not offer express testing if you choose to send a discreet sample. We can offer express testing only if you use mouth swabs.


We have made our sample collection as simple for you as possible. Perhaps the thought of carrying out a home paternity test may have sounded daunting – but with us, it is not. Once you make your payment, EasyDNA will promptly send out your home sample collection kit to your chosen address. Inside the kit, we provide everything you need to collect the samples: oral swabs, instructions, consent forms and a pre addressed envelope to return your samples. We have carried out hundreds of thousands of tests – you can bank on our experience.


Do you have an issue because of test participants living in different parts of Hong Kong or even perhaps different parts of the world? Just tell us where the test participants are based and provide us with an address – we will organise the rest for you. Through our 25 worldwide offices, we can coordinate DNA testing with test participants living in any part of the world.


To you, accreditation means competence and reliability. The laboratories in which your samples will be tested are accredited to the highest global standards. Our laboratories are NATA, ISO17025 accredited. If you need your results for legal or immigration purposes, we can offer you legal and immigration paternity testing which can be presented in courts of law or to the Hong Kong immigration authorities as proof of paternity.

More information: forensic samples

Your kit is the quickest and easiest way of collecting your samples by means of oral swabs. EasyDNA can test other samples if you cannot provide us with oral swabs samples. We can, in fact, test a whole range of samples which are listed on our forensic testing page; these samples include blood stains, semen, finger and toe nail clippings, used band aids, bones, teeth and many, many more.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

  • How do legal tests differ to home tests?

    legal paternity test will provide the same accurate result as that of a standard paternity test. However, the legal paternity test differs in that it requires a different sample collection procedure, also known as Chain-of-Custody, to ensure the correct identity of the samples sent for testing. The samples in a legal test have to be collected by an independent third party, normally a medical practitioner or qualified nurse, who will take responsibility to handle the DNA samples once they have been collected and act as a witness to the sampling.

    By going through this procedure, the result of the legal paternity test can then be used for proceedings in a court of law or for applications to various government departments such as for immigration applications.  It is therefore important, prior to ordering your paternity test, to identify and be well-informed as to which type of test you require.

    Can I upgrade to a legal test?

    If you select the home paternity test, then it CANNOT be used for legal purposes and it CANNOT be upgraded to a legal DNA test at a later stage. This is because the samples in a home paternity test are not collected using the chain of custody procedure necessary for a legal paternity test. Moreover, you cannot use results of a home test in a court of law.

    To find out more about the legal version of the test visit our legal DNA test or else go back to our paternity testing main page.

  • When can testing the mother be important?

    A DNA paternity test compares 20 genetic markers of the alleged father to those of the child. If the alleged father is in fact the true biological father of the child, then all 20 genetic markers will match between the two profiles. If there are markers which do not match, then the alleged father will be excluded as the child’s paternal father. However, there are cases where a possible mutation may have occurred on one of the loci which may result in an inconclusive result. In such cases, the sample of the mother will assist to conclude the result as it will be able to confirm if the mutation is really a mutation or not.

    Testing the mother is also very important in the case of DNA relationship tests such as for siblings, aunt/uncles and grandparents where the sample of the mother greatly increases the chance of obtaining a conclusive result.

    What about relationship testing cases?

    In relationship DNA testing, the mother’s sample is extremely useful. For example, in the case of a full siblings test, the sample of the mother will allow for the elimination of part of the genetic data that has to be compared between the two siblings, thereby, leaving the genetic markers inherited from the biological father for a more straightforward comparison, hence making the result more accurate.

    At easyDNA we offer the opportunity to include the sample of the Mother at no extra cost. Therefore, if available, we strongly recommend that the sample of the mother is included when submitting your paternity test.

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