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LKR97,800 NutriFit

Are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier, fitter you? Nutrifit utilises cutting edge Next Generation Sequencing Technology coupled with leading bioinformatics and modern scientific research. This extensive test comprises 35 different analyses and instead of just analysing a couple, NutriFit assesses over 110 genetic variations, setting us apart from many other tests on the Market

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About this test

Just as there are no two people alike, there are no two bodies alike either. We are all different in the way our bodies utilise the food we eat or the way our muscles respond to exercise. By analysing your genes, we can equip you with a set of unique guidelines that can help you on your path to optimal health and fitness. Our NEW NutriFit DNA Health Screening Test will give you an personalised guide to nutrition and exercise based on your personal genetics. It will also help you to learn how to avoid several common health problems and how your genetics can influence your physical appearance and wellness. NutriFit is perfect for those people who are about to make a lifestyle change or for those who just want to take the next step.

Our Nutrifit screening test will include everything you need to start your new journey to a healthier lifestyle based on your individual genetic make-up.

Results can be available within 8 weeks from receipt of your DNA sample at our Brisbane laboratory and will be emailed to you as soon as they are ready.

For an additional cost, you can even have your personalised Nutrigenetic guide booklet printed and sent to you my postal mail.

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Your individual analysis will contain:

  • Your personal needs for – macro and micro – nutrients
  • Your individual metabolism for
    • Alcohol
    • Caffeine
    • Lactose
  • Individual response to certain types of physical activity
  • Muscle type and what kind of activity will suit you best
  • Your susceptibility to things like..
    • High cholesterol
    • High blood sugar
    • Weak bones
    • Being overweight
  • How your genes can influence your physical appearance

This test is ideal for people who

  • Want to reach their optimal body composition
  • Want to optimise their exercise program
  • Want to customise their dietary intake to cover personal nutritional needs
  • Wish to reduce their risk of developing some of the major common yet preventable diseases
  • Want to optimise their diet and lifestyle according to their genetics

Your personal and comprehensive nutrigenetic guide will include:

  • An easy-to-understand introduction to diet and genetics
  • Explanations of the analyses made, divided into 8 easy to read chapters
  • Coloured and explanatory display of your genetic results
  • A reference list of the scientific research that the Nutrifit DNA Test is based on
  • A full list of the genes analysed along with information on their function
  • A glossary of terms for easy interpretation
  • Lifestyle and Dietary recommendations
  • Food nutrition tables, including nearly 200 different foods along with their caloric values, cholesterol content and contents of vitamins and minerals, allowing you to effectively plan your meals

How does the testing work?

This test utilises Next Generation sequencing technology, coupled with the leading genetics bioinformatics software and modern scientific research. It comprises 35 different analyses and assesses over 100 genetic variations that affects personal metabolism and physical characteristics.

More about nutrition

The food we eat provides the raw materials our bodies need for development, growth and function. Micro-nutrients are comprised of vitamins and minerals, while macro-nutrients include compounds such as fats and carbohydrates. Our ability to process and utilise these nutrients provided by our diet is dependent on specific enzymes that helps us break down and transform these nutritional elements into the chemical compounds our bodies need and can use. The effectiveness of these enzymes and the capability to make use of the nutrients is determined by our genetics. By analysing certain genetic variations, we can assess your metabolic profile and provide you with a recommendation of an optimal diet, matched to your genetic make-up.

More about Exercise

Physical activity generally affects our health positively, but just as your ability to process certain foods is unique to your metabolism, certain sports or activities can be more beneficial for you than they are for others. By analysing your genes, we can recommend the types of physical activities that suit you best or what to approach with caution.

What kind of sample is needed?

All we need is a simple and painless Saliva Sample. DNA is then extracted from your sample. It is that simple!