Relationship Tests

Relationship testing can be used to confirm whether alleged relatives are really biological related. We can carry out testing between grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters and other relatives. Begin getting the answers you need today.

兄弟姊妹親族鑑定 Siblings DNA Test

GTL DNA 兄弟娣妹親族測試使用基因統計分析鑑定兩個體是否來自同一父母。

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祖父母親族鑑定 Grandparentage

GTL 祖父母親族鑑定是用祖父及祖母的基因來同孫兒基因作出比對,然後分析孫兒是否有血緣關係。

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叔伯舅姑姨親族鑑定 Aunt & Uncle Test

GTL DNA 叔伯舅姑姨親族鑑定測試使用基因統計分析鑑定兩個體是否血親。

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線粒體遺傳基因鑑定 Mitochondrial


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